Welcome deathbringers

You will find all sorts of valuable game information to help you with your game as well as your clan experience.


The Deathbringers
Antediluvian (Ancient): Ottoman
The Dark Prince (Master): LordElric
Dark Mistress of the clan: Fanteazy
The Elder Council: Staticx6000, K12-Lion & Blackmoon

The Deathbringers Disciples
Primogen (Master): ArmandDracul
LoreMaster (Scholar Admin): LynnStardragon
Master Deathdealer (Admin): daddyshaker


We need contact information from anyone that hasn't already supplied it. Email address to contact you (minimum) or best is a Yahoo IM so we can try to have chats/conferences. Make sure you supply one you do not mind sharing with the clan.

Fanteazy = Fanteazy63@yahoo.com
LordElric = to follow soon